Dunagan Family Reunion 2019

This year the descendants of Ezekiel Dunagan will be hosting our annual Dunagan Family Reunion on September 15, 2019 from 1 PM to 3 PM at the Gainesville Marina Lake Pavilion in Gainesville, Georgia. Please come out and join us for a potluck dinner, live music, storytelling, and great company!! 

We encourage all Dunagan’s far and near to join us to celebrate our heritage and to get to know your cousins. Just bring  your family and your favorite dishes to share. Hope to see you there!!

          Gainesville Marina located at 2145 Dawsonville Hwy, Gainesville, GA 30501


About Darline Dunagan Scruggs

I was born in Hall County Georgia where my ancestors have lived since the late 1790’s. My heritage is rich in histories and stories of my Dunagan ancestors and their related families. Being born and raised here has enriched my knowledge by tales that have been passed on from generation to generation. I have made it my personal quest to gather this knowledge and preserve it for our future generations.
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7 Responses to Dunagan Family Reunion 2019

  1. Tiffany Dunagan Hovsepian says:

    Hi Darlene,
    I have recently been doing some family history on my father’s side. I believe that I am a direct descendant of Ezekiel. My Father was Rodney Dow Dunagan, brother to Kern Dunagan (Vietnam War Hero), son of Robert Dunagan, son of Stephen Reid Dunagan. I was hoping to connect with my family. My father died in 2005 and my grandparents had passed before I was born. My two older step-brothers live in California, and unfortunately, we do not get to see each other often. We live in Florida and I was thrilled to find out that our families history dates back so far and in Georgia! I’m not sure if you are planning a reunion this year, but I would love to be included in any upcoming plans. Also, please let me know of any Facebook pages or other ways to connect with the family.
    Tiffany Dunagan Hovsepian

  2. Kathy Garrison says:

    Hi. My name is Kathryn (Kathy) Dunagan Garrison and I’m a descendant if Ezekiel. Will there be a 2020 reunion? I’ve never been before as I only recently found out where my family came from, not even the name of my great grandparents.
    I am from Canton, Ga.


    • Hi Kathy,
      Its nice to connect with you. Yes there will be a reunion in October of 2020 in Gainesville, GA. We haven’t come up with the exact date, but will let you know when we post it. If you send me you email address I can add you to our mailing list. You can email me at darbe7@yahoo.com. If you send your family info I can connect the dots. I will need your parents, grandparents, great and great great grandparents if you have those. Thanks for reaching out.

  3. Frankie Chadwick says:

    Wish I could meet all the Dunagans! Abner Dunagan, Ezekiel’s brother, is my great, great, great grandfather. I am a neophyte in genealogy, and it is so rewarding to read about the far-flung family on this site. Regards, Frankie Chadwick

  4. Darline Dunagan Scruggs says:

    Hi Darlene. Thanks for your comment. I’m so sorry you will be unable to attend but maybe next year. I do have two Hiram Dunagan’s in the family tree. One was the son of Abner Dunagan and the other was the son of Isaac Dunagan. Would either of these be your Hiram?

  5. Darlene Landry says:

    We will not be able to attend.
    Does Hiram Dunnagan and Rebecca Grimes family belong in yours ?
    Thank you for this kind invitation and kind reply

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